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The Law Firm of BUDER & HERBERSTEIN was founded in 1986 by its two partners: Dr. iur. Dr. univ. Gabriele Herberstein and Mag. Dr. Erhard Buder.
Dr. iur. Dr. univ. Gabriele Herberstein holds a degree in law and is admitted to practice law in Austria and in Germany. Mag. Dr. Erhard Buder holds a degree in Economics and Law and is admitted in Austria. The Law Firm of BUDER & HERBERSTEIN is a German-Austrian partnership with offices in Vienna and Berlin.
It is the first law firm in Austria to make use of a double admission - i.e. with legal counsel called to the bar in both Austria and Germany - and is therefore the first law firm to have an additional admission in another country of the EC.

In general the firm provides services in all fields of Commercial Law with particular specialisation in:

  • Company Law
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Trade Agencies
  • International Cooperations and Joint Ventures
  • Banking Law
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • All Areas of Law involving Real Estate
  • Family Law

The law firm consists of two partners:
Dr. iur. Dr. univ. Gabriele Herberstein, admitted to practice law in both Austria and Germany and entitled to represent clients before all courts in Austria and Germany. Mag. Dr. Erhard Buder, admitted in Austria and entitled to represent clients before all courts in Austria.

And one associate:
Mag. Dan Badea, a Romanian lawyer entitled to represent clients before all Austrian courts.

The objective of our law firm is to provide services that fulfil the requirements and needs of the growing European Union. In order to achieve this objective we have strategically chosen the locations of our two offices:
VIENNA, the Austrian capital, situated in the heart of Europe and also a major center for contacts with the new members of the EC in Central and Eastern Europe; and BERLIN, the German capital with its growing international market as well a private clients. These two strategic locations of VIENNA and BERLIN bring about various synergistic effects that are highly appreciated by our clients. Our law firm represents companies and banking institutions from both Austria and Germany. As Austria and Germany have intensive economic relationships, our law firm's Unique Selling Proposition lies in its having offices in both Austria and Germany. We can therefore provide optimal services for our clients who carry on business in both countries:

  • One single law firm for legal issues in Austria and Germany
  • Legal consulting on Austrian and German law
  • Ability to compare both legal systems and choose the optimal solution
  • One law firm for cross border issues
  • One law firm to assist in setting up and registering companies in both countries

This leads to advantages for our clients by offering:
  • Optimal overview of the Austrian and German legal situation
  • Easier and more efficient decisions to be taken
  • Time savings
  • Cost savings
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We provide personal services to our clients and, if needed, we are available at any time.

In Austria we accompany our clients through all court instances with our broad experience.

We help our clients in administrative procedures before national and international authorities.

Our cooperation agreements with our partner firms ensure that clients get optimal services extending far beyond the German speaking area.

We were the first Austrian law firm to be qualified to practice law in two different jurisdictions in Europe.

Dealing with European company law has led to a unique publication: "The Legal Comparison of the Limited Liability Company in Austria, Germany and France" (published by Orac). After that the book "The Limited Liability Company in Europe: 50 Countries in Comparison" was published as a second edition of the above (Verlag Österreich 2001).


Berlin Office in Germany
Mommsenstraße 11
10629 Berlin
Tel: +49 (0)30 8871 9906

Wien Office in Austria
Lerchenfelder Straße 94
1080 Vienna
Tel: +43 (0)1 40 24 531
Fax: +43 (0)1 40 24 531 33

Dr. iur. Mag. rer. soc. oec. Erhard Buder

Dr. iur. Dr. univ. Gabriele Herberstein Prof. h.c.

Mag. Dan Badea
Trainee Attorney

Baroul de Avocati iem Avocat Romania
(retired as attorney in Bucharest)